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ColorBond Used as an RV Upholstery Paint

March 11, 2021


You may have heard about using ColorBond on vehicles and furniture, but how about on cabinetry? Chris Hoffman has a Monaco Coach RV that needed a cabinetry upgrade. He said the natural stained wood looked far too 1980’s. Chris had previously painted the dash of his RV with ColorBond LVP Refinisher and was pleased with the result. He wanted to use the same paint as an RV upholstery paint, and since LVP Refinisher can strongly bond to the polyurethane with which the cabinets were coated, he was able to do just that.


Chris started by cleaning the cabinets with ColorBond Prep Cleaner and lightly scuffed them with sandpaper. ColorBond LVP Refinisher was then applied. Overall, the project took about 24 hours and required 45 cans of the paint. While replacing the cabinets would have cost $4K-$5K, the ColorBond cost only $700!




Chris is very happy with how things turned out. He said the finish is just right; I’s not flat and appears as a semi-gloss. Functioning as an RV upholstery paint its durable as well and didn’t scratch when tested.

Great job, Chris and thanks for showing us ColorBond LVP Refinisher can be used as an RV upholstery paint!

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