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Corvette Plastic Trim Paint Used to Produce C5 HUD Bezels

March 18, 2021


Owners of C5 Corvettes, which were made between 1997 to 2004, are experiencing issues with interior plastics cracking. Amongst the worse offenders is the bezel that surrounds the Heads Up Display that sits on top of the dash. To replace this part, the dash, console, and A-pillars need to be removed. A big job that requires $600.00-$750.00 in labor to replace a $25.00 part.

Cracked HUD Bezel

Wouldn’t a bezel overlay that could simply be laid over and adhered to the cracked HUD bezel, and which required no dash disassembly, be a great and economical solution? Ray Fullwood thought so. He went about engineering and manufacturing a high quality C5 Corvette HUD bezel overlay that he has been selling since 2013. You can check them out on his website

Ray found that some of the pieces, due to the molding process, had discoloration in the plastic. To recolor the parts to perfectly match the Corvette interior colors, Ray is using ColorBond LVP Refinisher in the OEM Corvette correct colors. Among the Corvette plastic trim paint colors being used are Ebony Black (used on all years of the C5) and Dark Medium Neutral (used on 2003-2004 models). Ray, being very picky about the quality of his products is thrilled with the result.

Examples RPF C5 HUD Bezel Overlay

Ray says when he paints the bezels, he will lay out 12 at a time and spray a coat. Since LVP Refinisher dries so quickly he can immediately go back apply a second coat. Then he sprays on a coat of ColorBond Dash Clear UV Protectant. After 5 minutes of dry time, he can package the parts, which saves a ton of time, says Ray. Of note, he is applying ColorBond Adhesion Promoter before painting the parts. Ray is also using the Corvette plastic trim paint on the dash windshield defroster vents so to offer them in Shale color, which was used on 2003-2004 Corvette models.

Ray says the overall quality of the part is excellent, and so is the finish quality of the painted parts. He says he offers a Lifetime Guarantee and has never had to replace a defective unit.

Knowing how particular Ray is about his product quality and customer service, we at ColorBond are proud to be chosen for use on his Corvette interior parts.

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