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Golf Cart Paint Used to Restyle 2011 Yamaha Drive

Posted on May 06 2021

Golf Cart Paint Used to Restyle 2011 Yamaha Drive


Roger S. just finished restyling his golf cart using ColorBond golf cart paint. He was kind to send photos and tell us about his project:

“This is my 2011 Yamaha Drive.  It probably doesn't look like it was much of a project, but I removed all the front-end suspension and steering components and painted them.  I also painted the frame, bumpers, side kick panels, trunk tub and rear access panel.  And of course, I refinished the seats and rear armrests/cupholders using ColorBond golf cart paint.  I can assure you that I will be using more ColorBond products in the future for the hard plastics.   The competitor’s product didn't turn out as nice as the ColorBond product.”

Great job, Roger!

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Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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