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Amazing Transformations!

September 26, 2019


The results ColorBond can achieve are only limited by the imagination. Enthusiasts and professionals alike use ColorBond car interior paint to make awesome interior color changes at a fraction of the cost of reupholstering.

Check out these amazing transformations using ColorBond LVP Refinisher.

Jaguar XK8

Steve Chopko, owner of The Dye Guy, a company which specializes in reconditioning leather, vinyl and plastic was approached by a customer to change his Jaguar XK8 from tan to black. Steve didn’t believe a standard dye procedure or use of waterborne based colorants would get the quality results he demanded, and was hesitant about taking on the job, but then he discovered ColorBond upholstery paint.

“The job took about four hours including prep, cleaning and masking. The ColorBond paint was quick and easy to apply. It dried quickly – so the turnaround time between coats was amazing. I applied three coats, which used about a quart of concentrate. It was so easy and there were literally no challenges with using the LVP Refinisher. After I was done I simply untapped the car and it was ready to go. No other work was required. I’m now totally confident in ColorBond upholstery paint and will use it again!” Steve says.

Jaguar XKE

Robert Theis recently transformed the interior of his 1969 Jaguar XKE with ColorBond LVP Refinisher. As you can see the results are amazing! Bob said it took about two weeks of working on and off to get the job done, and he used about $230.00 of LVP Refinisher. Three coats of car interior paint were required to go from black to tan. Of note, a professional recolor of the interior would have cost thousands.

“To prep the interior I wiped it down with acetone, and then masked the side upholstery.” Bob says. “The ColorBond was very easy to use and was not challenging at all. It’s easy to use for sure – as advertised. The most complicated part was masking the interior. The car turned out great. People can’t believe I did it myself, and it’s holding up great.”




It’s not often that we get to share a woman’s expert use of ColorBond Interior Paint so we were really excited to get these great photos from Lucy.

She used only 2 cans of BMW Cinnamon to paint over the original cream color of her seats. She also used some grey carpet color for her floor mats. The results were fantastic!

“It was a last-ditch effort to renew the interior because I was so unhappy with the drab colors inside” she writes. “It literally has given me a new love for the car all over again. All in all is it GORGEOUS.”



Ford Mustang

Our friend Eric restyled the interior of his Mustang and his steady hand and the effectiveness of ColorBond made it look like it was a factory-done job! Check out these photos.

The old interior was a boring and bland beige color. Now it is all black and green. The combination is sharp and puts this mustang over the top. He used only eight cans for a total of only $120 spent. Amazing work by Eric.



Freightliner Truck

We love getting photos that show off the interior restorations of Freightliners. These type of commercial trucks see a lot of use and their upholstery definitely start showing wear and tear rather quickly. Other times, a customer just wants to add a different color to create a new feel.

ColorBond can take the interior of Freightliners and make them like new. Our friend Michael Greene, who is an expert at Freightliner interior work, was able to give this interior a make-over using only 4 cans of ColorBond. The customer wanted a complete color change from tan to black. To do this type of replacement would have cost $4200. The savings was through the roof. Check out these great before and after photos.

Before the job, the interior of the truck was a standard tan color, which lacked any personality. The results are simply stunning and look like a completely new truck interior. The black gives the truck a bold personality.




We hope you liked these amazing transformations. ColorBond is always thrilled to receive photos of the results our customer’s achieve.

We would love to see your ColorBond project! If you have photos please send with your contact information to