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Scott Found ColorBond Didn’t Steer Him Wrong

October 3, 2019


Scott Jones had a mosquito problem. It wasn’t that he was being bitten, rather it was mosquito repellant was attacking the leather covered steering wheel in his 2005 Dodge Ram. Scott was frequently outdoors and wearing the repellant, which was also on his hands. This transferred to the steering wheel, damaging the leather. “I believe it was the DEET in the repellant that caused the damage” says Scott.

A few years ago, Scott installed a replacement steering wheel he found on ebay. The dark gray color didn’t match the rest of the interior, but the leather was in far better condition. For the following two years Scott looked for a way to recolor his original steering wheel, but only found leather dye products, which wouldn’t work with his project. Then he discovered the perfect solution. ColorBond LVP Refinisher.

Scott tells us about the project:

“To start with, I cleaned my steering wheel with denatured alcohol and then lightly sanded the rough spots on my steering with 100 grit up to 1000 grit sandpaper.  Then I cleaned the wheel again with Color Bond Protech surface cleaner.  I sprayed with Color Bond Clear Adhesion Promoter, let it sit overnight, and then painted.  I applied five coats, waiting ten minutes between coats to be sure it was completely dry. I used the Color Bond Dash Clear Permanent Protectant to finish.

I love this paint.  It goes on great, dries extremely fast and looks fantastic. So far it is holding up well!”

Scott used one can of LVP Refinisher to complete the project, at a cost of $16.49. Compare that to the typical $100.00 to $135.00 cost of a used 2005 Dodge Ram steering wheel in good condition!

Congratulations to Scott on his project well done!

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For the past twenty-seven years ColorBond has been displaying at the SEMA Show and this year will be no exception! Come and see us at SEMA 2019! It would be great to meet you!  

On Wednesday November 2, at 12:00 we will be presenting the ColorBond CLeo Award to Steven Sampaga. The award was created to recognize excellent craftsmanship and to honor Leo Kagan, who was responsible for moving the SEMA Show in 1977 from Anaheim, CA to its current location in Las Vegas. Please join us at ColorBond booth #24481 to congratulate Steven!