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Car Interior Plastic Paint Used to Fix Restyling Fiasco

February 3, 2022


Making your car interior look better is what ColorBond is all about. It is truly amazing to see what car interior plastic paint can do to transform an interior. Some of our customers are using LVP Refinisher to restyle their interior, some are using it to cover stains and blemishes. Others are using it to correct restyling projects that have gone bad. Here we present a case of using car interior plastic paint to correct a pickup truck dashboard that had been painted and turned out badly.

Before painting with ColorBond.

The dashboard of Jared Ford’s Chevy Duramax had been previously restyled using black and red paint. The result was, may we say, not good. Not only was the sheen of the paint extremely glossy and not appearing like that of the original plastic, but the trim was mismatched, and the red accents just didn’t look good. So, Jared decided to use ColorBond LVP Refinisher to fix the problem. With ColorBond car interior plastic paint in black and tan he converted the dash to something he could be proud of. After achieving such a great result with them dashboard he decided to use ColorBond LVP Refinisher to redo the rest of the interior! Great job Jared!

After painting with ColorBond.

Jared used ColorBond to paint the door panels too.

Always remember proper preparation is key for best results when using car interior plastic paint. Removing any dust, dirt, grease, and grime from the plastic surface is necessary for best paint adhesion and to avoid cracking and peeling of the paint. Use a cleaner that will thoroughly remove these contaminants without leaving a residue which can interfere with paint adhesion. For this purpose, ColorBond offers Prep Cleaner, a liquid non-solvent, aqueous-based cleaner. It also removes compounds and mould releasing agents that can compromise adhesion.

When painting hard plastics, it is important to apply an adhesion promoter first, before using the paint. ColorBond offers Adhesion Promoter for best adhesion between paint and today’s auto plastics like PPO & TPO. It acts as a primer, or tie coat between the plastic surface and the paint and keeps it from flaking, cracking, and peeling. For more information on surface preparation check out this post.

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