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Custom Golf Cart Paint Used for Luxury Golf Carts

February 11, 2022


Bob Boyd’s luxury golf cart creations painted with ColorBond

Bob Boyd build’s awesome luxury golf carts and ColorBond is proud to be a part of that. For over 50 years, Bob has enjoyed customizing golf carts, vehicles, and boats. Upon his retirement from the radio business, Bob focused on his company, Boyd Recreation LLC (Boyd Recreation LLC), to produce some of the most innovative and show-stopping golf carts available. Bob uses ColorBond LVP Refinisher custom golf cart paint to restyle the seats and refresh the appearance of the cart’s plastic trim. Bob’s carts are based on golf carts that he purchases from Club Car that came off lease. A finished golf cart can range from $12k-25k with most going to the central Washington state area.

Bob began using ColorBond about ten years ago after searching online for leather, vinyl, and plastic restorers. After seeing good reviews, as well as witnessing ColorBond LVP Refinisher being used in the field by professional auto reconditioners, he decided to try it. He’s been using it for custom golf cart paint work ever since. Bob says the leather, vinyl and plastic paint makes faded plastic trim and vinyl seats look new.

Before painting Bob says he prepares the surface by scuffing and then wiping it down with either lacquer thinner or acetone. He really likes that the custom golf cart paint sprays on evenly and dries quickly without getting bubbles or fisheyes, like other paints do.

As previously mentioned, Bob also restores boats. Here he uses ColorBond to refurbish aged and cracked boat seat cushions. First, he used liquid vinyl to fix the cracks, and then painted the cushions with LVP Refinisher. Bob says a professional reupholstering would cost about $600 per seat. Plus, there usually is a significant waiting period to get the job done. However, he can recondition the seats for half that price as well as eliminate the wait time. 

Cracked and discolored seat is repaired with liquid vinyl and then painted with ColorBond

Here is another of Bob’s boat seat projects. He takes stained and horrid looking seat covers to gorgeous using ColorBond LVP Refinisher. Again, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the covers.

Excellent seat cushion restoration done with ColorBond

Bob does a great job.

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