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Project F150 Facelift – Interior Restoration Liftoff!

August 15, 2019

In celebration of the Ford F150, Wheels in Motion TV is restoring a 1998 Ford F150 50th Anniversary Edition, and ColorBond is a big part of that!

The Ford F150 restoration, dubbed Project F150 Facelift, will include a complete makeover of the paint, body, drivetrain and interior. So far, the vehicle has received a new Triton V8 engine, new transmission, tires, brakes, suspension, bushings and exhaust. The bodywork is now underway to include repair to bed and body panels, primer, color and clear coat.

The focus of Project F150 Facelift now turns to the interior. “We are fortunate that the interior is in great condition but over the past 21 years the sun has faded some of its color. We believe ColorBond upholstery paint will bring our interior to looking like new again.” Says Bill Rogers, Wheels in Motion Executive Producer.

Wheels in Motion TV ordered the following ColorBond products to complete the job.

ColorBond paint products:

Before painting components will be prepared with:

“Although the interior is yet a few weeks away, when the products came in from ColorBond, we wanted to try some out some so we wouldn’t have any surprises. As you can see, the BEFORE and AFTER were astounding! All of panels had either dark stains or sun faded orange streaks that we couldn’t clean off.  Once we treated them and then then sprayed on the ColorBond, the panels looked like brand new. This 21-year-old interior is going to look like new!” States Bill.

Of note, the wheels of the vehicle will be refinished with Pro Tech Argent Wheel Paint SKU: 1022-1438.

Another interesting aspect of the restoration is the “50th Anniversary Edition” decal, which was included on this special F150 model. As you can see, the original has deteriorated. This decal is not available purchase any longer, so Bill contacted Ford Motor Company to see if they can help. “Ford is going to try hard to supply us with the artwork or the actual decal. Either way we’ll be able to use the original artwork.” Bill informs.

Wheels in Motion TV became aware of ColorBond products at the 2018 SEMA Show. There Bill interviewed Malcolm and took in a ColorBond demonstration. That demonstration blew Bill away and believer in the awesome results ColorBond can achieve. Check out that show segment here.

Check back to the ColorBond blog for continuing coverage of Project F150 Facelift.

“The interior of Project F150 Facelift will be the crowning touch of the build and we are eager to get to that portion of the truck. We’ll report back with more – soon.” Concludes Bill.