2012 Ford Interior Paint

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ColorBond is a revolutionary molecular bonding color coat that penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather. Now you can easily restore or change the color of leather, linyl, and plastics of your truck, car, boat, or motorcycle with fantastic results. ColorBond LVP dries to the touch in 45 seconds and forms a molecular bond within 10 minutes. ColorBond LVP won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the original surface leather grain and texture to show through and maintain it’s original soft and supple feel. Whether your project is a small vinyl seat repair or a major interior restoration, ColorBond LVP will look great and last.

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LVP OE Paint


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Prep Cleaner Concentrate (4oz)

Successfully painting your car's interior requires careful paint prep and ColorBond's Prep Cleaner is one product you should have. A Liquid Non-Solvent cleaner, aqueous-based cleaner, Prep Cleaner removes dirt, grime, and oil when readying surfaces for interior auto paint. Great for everything from leather to soft plastics, it's been engineered to remove compounds and releasing agents that typically spoil most interior paint jobs. When it's time for interior auto paint prep, ColorBond Prep Cleaner will leave you with a clean surface ready for paint.  Recommended for use before the application of all ColorBond products.

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Adhesion Promoter

ColorBond Adhesion Promoter prevents flaking, cracking and peeling when painting a vehicle’s interior. Everyone understands that paint preparation is the key to a great paint job and ColorBond Adhesion Promoter takes interior surface prep to a whole new level. Created to improve the bond between paint and today’s auto plastics like PPO & TPO, our Adhesion Promoter is easy to use. No matter if you’re renovating an interior or making a simple repair, auto paint preparation with ColorBond Adhesion Promoter will deliver the results you want.

1k UV Clear Coat

ColorBond Dash Clear UV Protectant is a UV fabric spray available in multiple finishes, including Gloss, Matte, and Satin. A superior UV fabric protection spray, Dash Clear delivers an eye-catching finish while preserving leather, vinyl and plastic. Often described by our customers and the best interior protectant that they've encountered, ColorBond Dash Clear UV Protectant is great for both automotive maintenance and restoration.

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