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Custom Car Interior Paint Helps Sell Corvette

March 17, 2022


Being a ColorBond fan, Ed Iverson has used LVP Refinisher for a Corvette custom car interior restyling project as well as to change the color of his Mustang’s convertible top cover. With both vehicles the results have been fantastic and even helped to sell the Corvette!

Back in 2020 Ed told us about his C5 Corvette custom car interior project saying ColorBond LVP Refinisher and ColorBond Carpet Refinisher helped him to successfully change the color of his Corvette’s interior, while staying within a tight budget. “ColorBond transformed my tired dated interior into a custom modern cockpit!” Ed enthused. “I originally intended to only recolor the seats, but after seeing the newly colored seats in the car, it became evident that the carpeting needed an update as well. In fact, my wife insisted on it, after seeing how nice the seats turned out!”

Overall, Ed used four cans of LVP Refinisher in BMW Cinnamon, five cans of Carpet Refinisher in classic Black, a bottle of Prep Cleaner and a can of Adhesion Promoter. That’s just under $180.00 for a complete custom car interior makeover! Ed told us that for new leather seats the cost would be $1200-$1500 and the wait time for delivery would be 10-12 weeks. Replacement carpet would have cost $350 to $600, depending on quality of carpet pile. Ed spent a fraction of that cost with ColorBond and the job only took a weekend of time.

Ed later sold the Corvette. At the time a prospective buyer told Ed he was really looking for a hardtop Corvette, but after seeing the unique interior color, and how great the custom car interior makeover turned out, he decided to buy Ed’s convertible!

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After selling the Corvette Ed bought a Mustang GT convertible, which brings us to his latest ColorBond project. Ed had a soft red Mustang convertible top cover from a car he previously owned, but it didn’t look right with the white and black color combination of his current car. It needed to be white. With a new cover costing $350, plus a 10 week wait for delivery, Ed decided to recolor it himself with LVP Refinisher. It took two cans of LVP Refinisher in Cuddy White, at a cost of $47.00. Compare that to the $350 cost of a new Mustang convertible top cover! Ed says, “Best of all this six-year-old tonneau cover now looks brand new!”

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Ed says he plans to paint the inserts on his seats next. So, check back in the future to see the results!