Seat Stylin'

Interior Paint for Cars by ColorBond


Picture of Seat Stylin'
When you want to add an dose of flash to your vehicle's upholstery, you can't go wrong with ColorBond Seat Stylin'. Perfect for use with leather, vinyl and plastic, Seat Stylin' has an assortment of vibrant colors that's sure to get your vehicle noticed. Who needs stock colors, when you can have Bombastic Blue, Chrome Yellow and if you really want to take it to an extreme, add coordinated dashboard accents after painting the seats. Create your own masterpiece with Seat Stylin' from ColorBond

How to Apply ColorBond Seat Stylin'

Energizing your car's upholstery is easy with ColorBond Seat Stylin'. Follow these simple application steps to get great results: 
  • Place Parts  In a Well Ventilated Space
  • Thoroughly Clean Each Component
  • Apply Light Mist Coat 12" From The Surface
  • Allow 2 Minute Drying Time Between Each Coat
  • Use Multiple Coats As Necessary
  • Bonds in 10 Minutes

Product Details

  • ColorBond  Seat Stylin'
  • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Coverage: 6 ft²