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Plastic Car Paint

ColorBond paint for plastic delivers excellent results. Formulated for use as an automotive plastic paint, ColorBond products work equally well with all types of plastic. Our Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is a plastic spray paint that won’t crack, chip or peel. If you need paint for your car's plastics, you can't go wrong with ColorBond.

To date we offer 188 OEM Colors. Within our Color Chart

Paint for Car Plastics

When you need a spray paint for plastic, you can’t go wrong with ColorBond. Our automotive plastic paint for interiors forms a strong bond without a heavy coating. Better yet, we offer an assortment of products that deliver excellent results. Our Prep Cleaner removes dirt & grime, while our Adhesion Promoter eliminates releasing agents that can weaken the paint’s bond. Finally, ColorBond’s paint for plastic creates a colorfast bond that keeps plastic looking good for years to come.

Benefits of ColorBond Paint Products

Our high-quality products are perfect for revitalizing the plastic surfaces in your car, boat, motorcycle or truck. They can restore your hard plastic surfaces to like-new condition in just minutes. Some of their many benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Buying our plastic and vinyl paint products can save you more than 80% of the costs of replacement parts.
  • Superior quality: ColorBond plastic paint provides a highly durable finish that won't peel, flake or crack.
  • Quick project turnarounds: Our plastic spray paint for cars is dry to the touch after 45 seconds and fully bonded after 10 minutes.
  • Color matching: Our plastic paint colors are based on OEM color codes for an ideal color match.
  • Preserved texture: ColorBond does not affect grain simulation, so your hard plastic surfaces will feel just like they did before you applied the paint.
  • Easy to use: Applying our products requires just a few simple steps for a quality finish.
  • Versatile application: Our paint sprays are perfect for door panels, dashboards, trim pillars, and virtually any other plastic surface.

Why Choose ColorBond Specialty Plastic Paint?

Plastic car components can deteriorate over time. Things like temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, and daily wear and tear can all affect plastic. ColorBond Paint products eliminate stains, UV spots, wear marks, and other signs of degradation for a fraction of the cost of taking your project to a professional. You can save anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on your restoration when you use ColorBond instead of purchasing OEM replacement parts.

ColorBond plastic paint comes in many OEM-Certified colors. You'll find hues inspired by top manufacturers like Ford, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Nissan. Our selection lets you create a custom look or use your vehicle's VIN to find the perfect color match.

ColorBond Paint products offer superior performance compared to many traditional dyes. Our plastic paints provide more even application, faster dry times and longer-lasting finishes. They allow you to use your car within minutes of application, saving you a significant amount of time on your project. 

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